On April 24, 2019, our beloved son, Jonathan Robert Denzer, lost his  battle with an autoimmune disease with complications from epilepsy.  He was 27 years old. Jon was loving, kind, gentle, funny and a giant! At  6’6’’, he towered over all, especially his adoring mother. His love and  kindness was evident as soon as he entered a room. He was never  hesitant to wrap his arms around you or drape his arms over the  shoulders of his friends. He was the best bear hugger ever. We couldn’t  help Jon beat the disease that took him from his family and friends way  too early. With this foundation we hope to do some good….just like  Jon. It is our mission to help young adults achieve their goals and live a  meaningful, productive and independent life as Jon did and would  have all the days of his life.