One of the missions of the Jon Denzer Bear Hug Foundation is to help high school graduates pursue career opportunities in fields that we all depend on such as; construction, first responders, trucking/automotive, medical services.  We believe it is a perfect time for our foundation to take a leadership role and help shape the future for these young adults. 

We also seek to help young adults with epilepsy.  Due to the uncertainty in our economy and the high level of job losses, many young adults with epilepsy have had their access to medication and transportation disrupted.  Financial assistance to those individuals is critical right now.  They need our help. 

A donation to the Jon Denzer Bear Hug Foundation could benefit those who often fall through the gaps and give them the opportunity to move to a path that leads to a full and independent life.  We are partnering with several organizations to help connect with young adults that we can help.  We know the need is there and your donation will make a difference.

Here’s what your donation would mean:

    • $200 would ensure that a young adult with epilepsy can get to and from necessary doctors appointments
    • $500 would ensure that a young adult with epilepsy can obtain a 30-day supply of prescription medication
    • $500 – $3,000 would allow the young adult to purchase the tools needed for a trade
    • $2,500 would provide a semester of tuition at a technical college
    • $2,500 would provide a CNA Certificate
    • $4,225 would provide full training for a Truck Drivers License
    • $15,000 would provide a Nursing Assistant certificate or Medical Assistant Certificate